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Career Flexibility and Job Security

Career Flexibility and Job Security

Shipping is an ideal occupation for young people seeking something exciting and different to just working in an office, which in the long run will also lead to an enjoyable and well paid executive career in a major international industry.

In the world at large, today's working environment is increasingly uncertain. A career in shipping can combine security of employment with flexibility and opportunity.

Merchant ships’ officers hold internationally recognised qualifications meeting standards agreed by the United Nations International Maritime Organization. Many seafarers work for shipping companies based in the countries in which they live. But most officers are also qualified to work for the thousands of international shipping companies located all around the world, on ships flying the flags of almost every country.

Some ships' officers may decide, after only a few years at sea, to use their qualifications and experience to find employment in one of the large number of professional jobs servicing the shipping industry, for example shipping company management, marine surveying, maritime law and insurance, working as a broker finding cargoes for ships, or even buying and selling ships!

Skills and experience gained at sea are also readily transferable to other industries outside merchant shipping.

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